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Mark Stokes | Google Plus Explained

What Is Google Plus ?

The Google Plus Conversation on the internet is starting to go viral everyone is asking what is Google plus? . Should I join now? and how can I join this new social media alternative platform to Facebook and Twitter ?  

What is Google Plus and Will  Google Plus knock Facebook off  Top Spot?

Google Plus is the Fastest growing conversation since the internet started.You need to be invited to join by someone who is a Beta
tester for Google.
In Google plus you can interact with and start a conversation with not only people on Google plus but Google itself, so that means you  have Literally millions to exchange your views and business ideas with. How and does this all work?

What is Google Plus ?

Google plus allows you to add to your circles everyone on Google plus and anyone with a Gmail account,they do not even have to accept or add you in their circles to see your status update. Everyone you add to your circles and you can potentially add everyone will receive your status updates in their STREAM and they can add +1 likes and comments.This is an new way of connecting to people and connecting to people in bigger numbers than you can possibly imagine.
This is a whole new way to social media connecting and is so much easier to segregate  people into groups (circles name given by Google plus) Mark Stokes Google Plus profile below.
mark stokes google plus profile
Business’s will not actually see the potential of what is Google plus? is for a while yet  and they will not see it for a long time, you will be able to reach your niche  market and potential customers without them even knowing you are there, but they will see your posts & status about your business.

You will be able to reach business’s local and global and able to do your market research and ask questions and you do not even need to be in their contacts.
Google plus will change the way we do our marketing online and what will happen is the news and business will find us for a change.
Facebook and  Twitter should be worried right now! All the attention is going on how Facebook will rise to the challenge about Google PLUS, Oh! but what about Twitter? will this be just what they have been waiting for? with all the limelight on Google plus and Facebook fighting it out, will Twitter step up their profile to take over the world?(I don’t think so)

Anyway if you are like me and help people start their own online business and coach Internet Marketing, then this is great news for us all. Connecting with people and sharing your skills and knowledge to help people get what they want is the key to success.
If you like this post and would like to join Google Plus just leave a comment below or contact me with your email and I will send you an invite.Don’t forget to share the knowledge :)


What is Google Plus

Friday, 29 April 2011

Lee Croucher | Linkedin

Lee Croucher says please check and see if your on my contacts list at Lee Croucher successful internet marketing and SEO expert who can help most businesses of all sizes from start up to Multi National $500 million Turnover. With over tens years experience in SEO and internet marketing, starting with Google Adwords in USA before even started in UK.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Lee Croucher | Internet World 2011

Internet World 2011 is going to be one of the biggest Search Exibitions that Lee Croucher with SEO Dudes will be exhibiting in Europe this year. With plenty of seminars and SEO companies exibiting there, you will get plenty of choice and information about Search Engine Optimisation. Lee Croucher will be speaking in the seminars over the 3 days. SEO Dudes will be bringing lots of suprises to Internet World and offering business one of the best opportunities to get a presence in Google. Lee Croucher is very respected in the industry's the works in, being well known for determination and commitment to making things work even when the odds are stacked against him, somehow he always pulls the best out of everything even at the last minute.

Monday, 17 January 2011

SEO Dudes™ Search Engine Optimization Company

SEOdudes™ gains another window industry client MWG and are target markeing affordable SEO packages for SEO. SEO Dudes after many years experience areable to offer SEO to a broad spectrum of companies with pay per click advertising as well so companies can get established quick in the search engines.

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Lee Croucher SEO Consultant

Lee Crouchers blog, update on lee croucher's web design business and home improvement website guides. Having spent 7 years learning how search engines work and designing websites its an achievment well worth striving for.

SEO is a skill and talent that takes alot of time to lean and understand, once you have got the skill set it allows you to earn a passive income. UK and USA businesses are now waking up to the fact that internet is a mass form of marketing to reach your audience. If you want more information of advice on SEO visit Lee Croucher.

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Diy Double Glazing BiFold Doors

Diy double glazing at factory prices online. Patio BiFold Doors and french doors all a lot cheaper than from a window reatiler. All diy replacent double glazed products are supply only.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

How the Garage Conversion Guide will help in Gloucestershire

Garage Conversion Guide was set up by an organization of professional construction people who have been working in the home improvement and construction market for over 20 years. The guide is designed as it says a guide to give you more informed information before you start hunting down quotations and dealing with the building trade. Also to prevent you getting ripped of by cowboy firms and builders who are just starting to do garage conversions. We get revenue from companies who we select by recommend you to them. We only recommend reliable companies and ones that have traded for a reasonable of time. Not the ones that are here today gone bust tomorrow scenario which we can see happing a lot over the next 20 years. So it is important you choose your contractor carefully. It’s a win-win situation where companies are looking for new customers all the time and you as a customer just want a good job done at a reasonable price. Getting a good job done at the right price from the right company is a task in itself. We know because we have done all that research for you. It could take as long as 6 months just to gather a couple of quotes for a garage conversion.

After all converting your garage will be biggest investment you make in your property over the next decade. Getting the job done right will add significant value to your property. If you never left contact details on the inquiry form we will email you our find a contractor number within the next couple of days and when you call just give us your postcode and we will find the right company operating in your area for you. Contact Garage Conversion Gloucestershire

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Guide to Ranking Well in Google and Bing

Lee Croucher is an SEO Consultant based in the UK. Go to Yahoo and Type "Sell House To Rent Back" I designed and optimized this site and got it 1st in 2months. Ranking well in an industry sector is about doing the right keyword research in the beginning. Then once that is done choosing the right domain name. Then its about setting your stall out. For more tips, advice and reports on Ranking well in google msn Yahoo go visit my SEO Consultant London site. Free Search Engine Experts

Thursday, 21 February 2008

SEO Services UK | Search Marketing Consultant

SEO Consultant Lee Croucher 34 Years Old based in United Kingdom. Having gained 17 years direct sales & marketing experience stumble across the Internet as the future for marketing for business Today. Having studied the Internet and Pay Per Click for 7 years, has spent the last 2 designing websites and learning how to rank on major engines, now is a qualified internet marketing consultant. Now he has thtat cracked and can rank most market sectors. There are tons of ways to get traffic to your site and search engines now are just a percentage of it. Lee Croucher knows how big social networks have become and the best market for hundreds of years has been word of mouth.

Ask yourself this question? How did Google grow so fast to a multi billion dollar company in under ten years. They never ever advertised. Correct Word of Mouth. Social Media now gets as much trafffic as google and Yahoo combined as of Alexa Ranking Stats. There are sites out their media and other sites that you can post on and be ranked First page Google in less than 4 hours.
If you need Search Engine Marketing expert or SEO Services UK please contact me SEO Expert