Thursday, 28 February 2008

Guide to Ranking Well in Google and Bing

Lee Croucher is an SEO Consultant based in the UK. Go to Yahoo and Type "Sell House To Rent Back" I designed and optimized this site and got it 1st in 2months. Ranking well in an industry sector is about doing the right keyword research in the beginning. Then once that is done choosing the right domain name. Then its about setting your stall out. For more tips, advice and reports on Ranking well in google msn Yahoo go visit my SEO Consultant London site. Free Search Engine Experts

Thursday, 21 February 2008

SEO Services UK | Search Marketing Consultant

SEO Consultant Lee Croucher 34 Years Old based in United Kingdom. Having gained 17 years direct sales & marketing experience stumble across the Internet as the future for marketing for business Today. Having studied the Internet and Pay Per Click for 7 years, has spent the last 2 designing websites and learning how to rank on major engines, now is a qualified internet marketing consultant. Now he has thtat cracked and can rank most market sectors. There are tons of ways to get traffic to your site and search engines now are just a percentage of it. Lee Croucher knows how big social networks have become and the best market for hundreds of years has been word of mouth.

Ask yourself this question? How did Google grow so fast to a multi billion dollar company in under ten years. They never ever advertised. Correct Word of Mouth. Social Media now gets as much trafffic as google and Yahoo combined as of Alexa Ranking Stats. There are sites out their media and other sites that you can post on and be ranked First page Google in less than 4 hours.
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